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Fever Helps Us Fighting Disease

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Our atmosphere is jam-packed of Disease forces like micro organisms (such as bacteria, virus and others), Chemicals (such as insecticides, preservatives and pollutants etc.), thermo-telluric forces, Radiation and so on... But life force always tends to maintain its integrity with the help of its disease fighting power known as immunity. Hence any breach in immunity may lead to sickness. Lots of immune mechanisms are always involved to protect the living being from disease causing forces. One of these many mechanism is fever or pyrexia i.e. increase in body temp beyond 98.6 degree F. Fever is one of the many expressions of phenomenon of inflammation, other expression are redness (color change) and swelling etc. Fundamentally the inflammation is meant for Repair, for the repair of damage done by disease force, may be micro organism or physical, hormonal, chemical, radiation injury to the living being.
Fever, like other signs and symptoms, is external expression of internal damage done by disease forces, and fever is not the disease or disease force per see to be combated.
Thus Fever simply means:-

  • Crying of the ailing life force seeking aid form external atmosphere.
  • To slow down or stoping completely the multiplication of disease force i.e. microorganism such as bacteria and virus.
  • To repair the damage done by disease forces.
  • To prevent the Disease force (micro-organism) to access the more vital organs like brain heart and lungs etc. Thus fever is also known as blood brain barrier.
  • To activate the immune system of living being in order to destroy the disease force / microbes.
  • To activate the immune system against disease force / micro-organism in order to generate cell mediated and humoral immunity (immunoglobulin).

Do You Know ?

  • Fever is forever a friend for an ill folk finding facility from foreign surroundings.
  • Feveris Forever a Friend of Frightened life Force of Sick Folk Finding help From foreign environment.
  • Fever Helps in maintaining and attaining a free of disease Future.
  • Fever is an Armament to fight against invisible foreign enemy.
  • Fever builds Immunity.
  • Fever is Modus Operandi of disease fighting infrastructure of living organism to maintain the integrity of life and living being both.
  • Fever is multiplying Factor in disease Fighting formula of life force.
  • Fever alerts, protects, fights, stops disease force multiplication, stops the germs to access more vital organs like Brain and acts as blood brain barrier.
  • Fever kills the germs.

Thus You Can Say :
'O' God Thanks for Helping me With Fever to Fight with my Enemy.

Let the Heart Carry on and take Breaths, Its Ur At All
Be acquainted with three adversaries of your Heart and You, Checkout, stay healthy and survive long:-
Curry....oily…..fried….spicy........and let your heart Dhak..Dhak..Dhak..Dhak..for long.
Unshackle form tobacco penitentiary and let the Red Fluid to flow freely in your Life Canals.
Blaze what you consume, let you not be rubbish.

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