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Causes of Disease

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Whenever something happens you generally are more alarmed about singular noticeable cause behind that phenomenon. But in most of the phenomenon more than one cause operates either sequentially or simultaneously. Only the keen observers with vast experience happen to be successful in detecting the multiple causes behind various phenomenons. For example in case of simple common cold, exposure to microbes seems to be the only cause to make you sick. But as you know a large number of living being are exposed to microbes at a time and only a few becomes ill. If exposure to microbes only would have been the sole cause then total population exposed to microbes should have been suffered from simple common cold like illness (viral rhinitis). This means the living beings who suffered were also prone to be effected from that exposure to microbes. This tendency of prone to be effected to microbes is also an unhealthy state of living being. Hence there must be some cause other than exposure to microbes behind this state of prone to be effected. Certainly there is another cause behind this proneness and weak defense system of the living being is one of the answers. Now there must be many causes behind this state of immunodeficiency. Several of the living beings are genetically lacking in there immunity against certain microbes but others acquire it either from un-natural life style or from suppressive immune-compromising Allopathic medicine.

Thus we can consider the various causes of sickness in following headings:

Fundamental Causes (Genetic predisposition)
Iatrogenic Causes (Un-natural Immune-suppressive Allopathic Treatment)
Precipitating Causes (Thermal, Telluric, Electric and Radio Injury)
Exciting Causes (Microbes and Pollutants etc.)
Maintaining Causes (Other Factors)

Primary Causes (Genetic predisposition)
Secondary Causes (Un-natural Immune-suppressive Allopathic Treatment; Thermal, Telluric, Electric and Radio Injury)
Occasional Causes (Microbes, Pollutants etc. and Other Factors)

THERMAL INJURY: Injury due to extremes of temperature: - Human beings are barely affected from exposure to constant high and low atmospheric temperature up to certain extremes (up to 40 C on higher side and up to 10 C on lower sides) and beyond these extremes thermal injuries such as frost bite, heat stroke and sunburn etc. ensue. Diseases thus caused simulate Acute Diseases. Injury due to variation of temperature: - Temperature variation of >20C within 24 Hrs of time space leads to immunological injuries to life force of genetically predisposed living beings in two ways: -
(i) Suppressing immune system helps microbes to access living beings.
(ii) Augmenting sensitivity of the living beings leads to allergic responses to substances in the surroundings of the living being which otherwise are not disease producing forces.

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