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Advantages and Explaination of Homeopathy

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Advantages of Homeopathy:
  • Safe and assured cure
  • Augmentation of one's Defense system
  • Cure with no side effects
  • Absolutely safe for pregnant women and children
  • Solution for chronic diseases like CAD, Diabetes, High Blood pressure, Asthma, Allergy etc
  • Cure for mental and emotional disability
  • Management that is inexpensive

Explaination of Homeopathy

Homoeopathy is an effective and traditionally scientific system of healing that helps and stimulates the natural capacity of the body to heal itself. Homoeopaths recognise that all symptoms of illness are an expression of the activity of the body in trying to heal itself and that helping the patient's own healing energies enables cure to take place. It is often the patient that needs the treatment rather than simply the disease. The homoeopathic way is to help patients by using a minute dose of a substance, as a treatment, that is capable of creating the same symptoms in a healthy person, when given in larger doses. Such small doses, when accurately prescribed, enable a patient to recover naturally, and because of the infrequent and minute doses, thus avoiding side effects or addictions. Homoeopathic remedies work by stimulating the healing power of the body. When the body's own healing process is faulty, blocked or slow, then the homoeopathic prescription acts as a stimulus to the natural healing powers, facilitating cure. In order to provide the correct stimulus the homoeopath must prescribe the correct remedy, potency and dosage, and if this is done then homoeopathy is able to help most patients and their symptoms.

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