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Corn & Apoptosis

Not to incise Corn unnecessarily, Corn is caused due to Friction of foot wear, Pen and other consistent occupational reason in susceptible individuals...


Contemporary Comprehensive Homeopathy

Ex-Faculty Member of Post-Graduate Institute of Homeopathy, Jaipur. Health Educationalist, Autonomous, Instinctive, Enthusiastic Fact Analyst, A Scientist who needs no Counterfeit Platform, With his own school of contemplation derived from Clinical experience, language of nature and history of medicine. Is follower of scientific truth, averse to hypothesis? Who struggle for the foundation of individual health? Doctor S S Tanwar widely regarded as the pioneer of the Homeopathic Medicine Movement, is a renowned practitioner of Homoeopathy for last 18 years. Dr. Tanwar Completed M.D (Hom) Post Graduation Degree in Homoeopathy in year 1998. Right form the beginning of his medical education he recognized the values of treating the whole human being consisting of the physical, mental, spiritual and social aspect of the individual. He is a resolute in his pursuit of the most advanced healing techniques through Homoeopathy.



Classical Homeopathic Clinic in Gurgaon

Homeopathy is a curative practice in which medicines arouse your individual innate restorative forces of healing. Allopathic anti-inflammatory medicines have nothing to do with Microbes and it only gives you relief at the cost of your Immunity. Homeopathy cures disease by giving a tiny dose of a substance that, in large doses, would cause symptoms most similar to that Disease. Surprisingly, the tiny dose cures the Cause of Disease and even increases your Immunity for future defense from microbes.
"Dr C S F Hahnemann"
The Founder of Homeopathy

Rapid Gentle Permanent Cure

There is miraculously rapid cure in Homoeopathy for most of the Acute Diseases especially those of viral origin e.g. Viral Fever (Chicken Pox, Measles, Cold And Flue, Chikungunia, Dengue, Japanese Encephalitis, Viral Hepatitis etc.), Viral Diarrhea, Viral Parotitis (mumps) and uncountable other acute viral diseases. If we compare 1000 patients of acute viral diseases treated with Homeopathy and 1000 patients of acute viral diseases treated with Allopathy (modern medicine) then average duration of treatment per patient under Homeopathic treatment comes out to be approximate 50% less as compared to Allopathy. Not only Homeopathy is rapid in healing acute viral diseases it also protects patients from untoward adverse effects of Allopathic medicines. In Allopathy, mostly divergent medicines are prescribed for diseases due to viral infections leading to devastating momentary relief at the cost of life. Anti-inflammatory antipyretic medicines by hindering the enduring battle of life force against microbes only facilitate the viruses to make a way into more vital organs like brain, lungs, pancreas, liver, kidney, ovary and testes etc. Anti-histaminic and steroids obliterate the immune process of life, Antibiotics by preventing secondary bacterial infection in sick living being already suffering from viral infection prolong the sickness because bacterial entry in viral sickness only curtail the duration of viral infection in viral sickness by engulfing viruses, hence antibiotics only disturb the natural balance of microbe in viral sickness in human beings. Antiviral drugs being cyto-toxic when prescribed do more harm than good because they destroy all the cells infected with viruses along with large number of non infected healthy cells of living being.

Is It Killar? The Pain Killar

Oomph…Pain...I can't bear it any more...., But why? Joy and pang are woven fine. Are there any solutions in pain killers? Absolutely not. Consume as much of pain killers as you can to get rid of pain but all in vain. What we need is to treat and remove underlying cause of pain, Pain is not Disease it self instead is a symptom (indication) of the underlying disease process. •Most of the NSAIDS and Opium Analgesics (Pain Killers) worsens your pain in its own way rather than alleviating it, NSAIDS (non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) causes Kidney and Liver Damage, Gastritis/Hyperacidity, Allergic Reactions etc. •Opium analgesics make your nerves more sensitive and there is also a risk of addiction potential. •When used as pain killer, Steroids causes immune damage and snatches life from the sufferer. Steroids alleviate pain at the cost of life. •Regular Yoga, Pranayams, Asanas, Exercise, Homeopathy, Diurnal life, Good nutritious balance diet etc. is the way to painless life. •More you endure pain less you will suffer. Because pain is an indication of inflammatory phenomenon going inside to stop and repair the damage of disease process.

What Is Homeopathy? and More

Homeopathy is a curative practice in which Homeopathic medicines arouse and support your individual innate restorative forces of healing. It is one of the most extensively used systems of internal medicine in the globe. The concept of homeopathic medication was developed nearly 200 years ago by Dr Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician. Homeopathy is derived from the Greek words meaning "similar suffering". Like Hippocrates 2,000 years earlier, he realized that there were two ways of therapeutic medication: the method of contrary (Allopathic) and the method of similar (Homeopathic).Conventional medicine is "Allopathic" medicine.

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